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Wright's Farm Dining Rooms

Wright's Farm has several dining rooms to choose from:

Angus Room


The Angus Room adjoins the hostess station and the main lounge. It is decorated in bright, cheerful colors and seats 108 people for public dining.

Morgan Room


The Morgan Room adjoins the Angus Room. It seats 126 people for public dining. The Morgan Room became one of Rhode Island's first non-smoking dining rooms when it was constructed back in 1975.

Hereford Room



The Hereford Room can seat up to 130 people and is serviced by its own full bar.


Cottage Room



The Cottage Room serves 89 people for public dining in a cozy atmosphere.


Carriage Room


The Carriage Room is the largest public dining area, seating 492 people for public dining. It features a charming adjoining lounge which is also used as a public dining area which seats up to 78 for public dining. The two rooms together can seat up to 600 people for banquets. The Carriage Room has its own entrance, parking and rest room facilities.

Total public dining capacity at Wright's Farm Restaurant is 1023. That's a lot of happy families!