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Wright's Farm History

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Family Owned and Operated for Over 50 Years

Wright's Farm's Origins

Gene Wright, the founding owner, was the main supplier of chickens to well known local restaurants. In the early 1950s he began running outdoor dinner events for organizations like the Knights of Columbus out of a garage on his farm in Harrisville.  He cut feed barrels in half lengthwise and used them as makeshift chicken barbecues. These events were so well received that, in 1954, Wright took a customer's suggestion and opened a proper restaurant.

Galleshaw Family

Frank and Joyce Galleshaw bought the property in 1972, and went about doing what most families do – grow.  That was the beginning of a dedication from the two of them and their children Frank and Tammy. They all worked together to keep up the good old fashion tradition of food for the entire family.  Frank kept to tradition while incorporating a vision of expanding seating for the benefit of the people waiting in the lounges.

Not before long, customers were requesting to purchase Wright's Farm's original salad dressing to take home.  In 1975, Joyce bottled the first jar of in-house dressing under the guidance of Chef Iannolli.  The birth of the gift shop started as a tiny spot with Joyce selling hand-made gift items and salad dressing.  Years went by and new additions to almost every room in the building came along. 

Being the visionary and customer focused businessman that Frank was 2 new businesses were born:

Wright's Gift Shop: The response was so positive that Frank and Joyce decided to incorporate a larger version that would give their customers a more spacious store to browse in while waiting to be seated for dinner.   What started as a few hundred sq. ft. of gift items grew to what exists today, a 4,000 sq. ft. shop housing a variety of items appealing to all ages.  As the store grew in size, Tammy and Susan Galleshaw took the shop to a new and exciting level.

F&J Food Products:  The food products division was then headed up by Jeff Forgue, Tammy's husband, who brought Wright's Farm food products from in-house to markets and stores in RI and neighboring states. 

Now the next generation is in full charge and Frank, his wife Susan, Tammy and her husband Jeff Forgue and their own son Jeff are all working with the same good in mind. For over 50 years, our menu has not changed and the quality and consistency has remained the same.  Our goal is to keep our customers happy and looking forward to returning for simply good food at affordable prices in a family friendly atmosphere.  We want to continue to make great memories for everyone.

Today, Wright’s Farm Restaurant is a landmark and is still serving up family-style chicken dinners to another generation of guests. These days we treasure our old friends and welcome new ones. We are child friendly with prices that can’t be beat.

We are good food for good times - The Galleshaw family wants your Wright's Farm experience to become a ritual that you will return for again and again.