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Wright's Farm Restaurant Experience

The most important part of the Wright's Farm Restaurant story remains our fabulous dinners served family-style.The secret lies in our insistence on freshness and our commitment to consistency. 

Dinner begins with rolls made daily in our own bakery served along with crisp, fresh salad topped with Wright's Farm Classic Italian Dressing. These are followed by family-size portions of shell macaroni, truly unique French fries and our famous chicken. The macaroni is served with Italian sauce made from our own recipe. 

Our French Fries are so good that they alone are a reason to visit Wright's Farm Restaurant. Made from fresh, never frozen, specially selected potatoes grown in sweet soil, they offer a taste and consistency that can be found no where else. 

The main entree, Wright's Farm Restaurant chicken, is not only cooked to a succulent, tender perfection but we start out with the highest quality birds, delivered fresh from our grower, and inspected seven times to ensure quality and consistency.