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Wright's Farm History

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Family Owned and Operated for Over 50 Years

Wright's Farm's Origins

Gene Wright, the founding owner, was the main supplier of chickens to well known local restaurants. In the early 1950s he began running outdoor dinner events for organizations like the Knights of Columbus out of a garage on his farm in Harrisville.  He cut feed barrels in half lengthwise and used them as makeshift chicken barbecues. These events were so well received that, in 1954, Wright took a customer's suggestion and opened a proper restaurant.

Galleshaw Family

The Galleshaw Family has been at the heart of Wright's Farm since Frank and Joyce Galleshaw purchased the property in 1972, embarking on a journey of growth. This marked the beginning of a shared dedication from Frank, Joyce, and their children, Frank and Tammy, who worked together to uphold the timeless tradition of providing food for the entire family. Frank, with a visionary approach, maintained tradition while envisioning expanded seating for the benefit of those waiting in the lounges.

As customers began requesting Wright's Farm's original salad dressing, Joyce, guided by Chef Iannolli, bottled the first jar in 1975. This led to the inception of the gift shop, initially a small spot where Joyce sold handmade items and salad dressing. Over the years, the building underwent numerous additions, reflecting the family's commitment to growth.

Frank's innovative and customer-centric approach led to the establishment of two new enterprises:

  1. Wright's Gift Shop: The enthusiastic reception prompted Frank and Joyce to incorporate an expanded version, providing customers with a more spacious environment to explore while awaiting their dinner reservations. What began as a modest few hundred square feet of gift items has evolved into the present-day 4,000 square foot emporium, offering a diverse array of products catering to all age groups. As the shop flourished, Tammy and Susan Galleshaw elevated it to new and exciting heights.

  2. Wright's Farm Food Products: This division, launched with resounding success, is now under the capable management of Lil Rhody Foods. Although our cherished food products can still be found online at www.wrightsfarmstore.com and in the gift shop at Wright's Farm, Lil Rhody Foods oversees their broader accessibility. They proudly distribute our products to markets and stores not only in Rhode Island but also in neighboring states. This strategic collaboration ensures the ongoing expansion and presence of the Wright's Farm brand in local markets, allowing more enthusiasts to relish the distinctive flavors, even though we are no longer the owners of the food products.

Now, with the next generation taking the reins, Frank III, and Susan, alongside Tammy's son, Jeff Forgue Jr., are actively contributing to the family's legacy. Despite the passing of both Tammy and Mr. Galleshaw, their dedication lives on. For over 50 years, the Galleshaw’s have upheld an unchanged menu, ensuring unwavering high quality. Together, they share a common goal – to bring happiness to customers by offering simply good food at affordable prices in a warm, family-friendly atmosphere. The commitment remains strong as they aim to create lasting memories for all who visit.

Today, Wright’s Farm Restaurant stands as a landmark, continuing to serve family-style chicken dinners to a new generation of guests. The establishment values old friends and welcomes new ones, priding itself on being child-friendly with unbeatable prices.

"We are good food for good times" – The Galleshaw family invites you to make Wright's Farm a ritual, a place to return to again and again for a memorable dining experience.